Today we got fabulous crowns in Art Ed.
I am extremely satisfied.



My shrinky dinks came in and I’m a loser so…
I’ll be making Snippy and probs Tina as well for my purse. They’re a lot of fun to make.




Mr Rogers Facts.

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I never actually watched Mr. Rogers

But it sounds like the world needs more people like him.

I grew up watching him and can only say that his passing was one of the darkest days to me. Things seemed colder, crueler, and more harsh.

But then and now, remembering the kind words he always spoke helps to keep me smiling and humming/whistling a song as I continue on.

May he rest peacefully for a job well done.

domesticheart replied to your post “Well that was fun! Nothing like near car accidents due to other…”

there are frickin’ idiots out there, sheesh! They need to educate themselves on the rules of the road

they do! 

look at my poor bby. I think some of it might come off, but the rest is rough and looks like paint is actually rubbed off. :/ 
I dont know if they even realized they hit me. 

Well that was fun! Nothing like near car accidents due to other peoples stupidity. 

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eleeveen replied to your post “eleeveen replied to your text post Storyboard paper? Is it something…”

Whoop, I shouldn’t rush asking questions. What I meant is, what is it? I’ve never ordered paper for storyboarding. Usually we just use index cards or print board layouts on normal paper.

OOoooh! Its this right here [x]. I haven’t ever used it either so Im gonna see how much I actually like it. But it looks like it gives me a panel per page with the option of notes/dialouge/staging etc. It just gives it to me in a handy book. 

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Storyboard paper? Is it something specific that you need for the class only, or just general storyboarding stuff?

A little of both. For my drawing class im gonna see how it looks with what I’m doing at the moment. If I have a bunch left over I might do some general storyboarding stuff. I’ve got a few ideas floating around right now that I /might/ start working on if I get the inspiration.

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Heck yes! Shrinky dink stuff and storyboard paper have been ordered!
Hell yeah!



This is not a photo manipulated picture. This is one of many of our fallen soldiers. Their remains are gathered up and bagged and sold as some merchandise like their lives are some sick joke.

With your help, we can end this disgrace and bring these fallen warriors home to their families instead of placed on shelves.

You know what I’m starting to think you guys aren’t even being sarcastic with this anymore