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one of my favorite OTPs

My only otp. They just be the cutest most awesome of them all.

Augh I really need to catch up the last I saw was the auction. I’m almost back to that.

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re-listening/trying to catch back up with WTNV. 

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It is offline! D:

Cause it’s finished for today! I might start another Thursday night and play a bit longer into the AM’s. I got early class tomorrow so I gotta get to bed for now.


nighty night friends!

Have a good one!

well that was fun. It gotta a little crazy there at one point, but it uh ended up doing alright. ¬†thanks for hanging with me as i didn’t die by skeleton.

Im DOING a Thing.

hopefully it works

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This baby


2nd one is a slight alteration so i could dump it on redbubble!

aaahh happy wiztail <3

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